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Final Fantasy Becomes a Trading Card Game

Cloud, Aerith, Lightning and other characters appear in TCG adaptation. The 3rd Birthday to include promotional card.


Square Enix opened today an official site for the recently announced Final Fantasy Trading Card Game. Fist word of the franchise's conversion to card form came late last week.

The Final Fantasy Trading Card Game uses trading cards with characters from the Final Fantasy series. The game promises a strong game play component using the unique skills of various characters and summons. In addition, Square Enix says that the cards will have value as collectors items, as they feature larger artwork than what we're used to seeing from similar games.

The official site confirms Cloud, Sephiroth and Zidan, all listed as being from Dissidia Final Fantasy. You can probably make out a few additional characters in the silhouette artwork at the site (shown above).

The Final Fantasy Trading Card Game will be released on February 25, 2011.

Joining the site's opening, Square Enix announced that The 3rd Birthday, due for PSP release on December 22, will include an FF-TCG promotion card. Details will be shared later.

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