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Retailer Bundles Wii with Full (Used) Game Library For New Years Fukubukuro

How much will you have to pay for the ultimate used Wii collection?


How much do you think you'd have to pay to get a Wii and every single game ever made for it?

Here's an image to assist with your estimate:

If you were paying the full retail price for everything, the correct answer would be ¥2,300,000.

But this New Years, you could walk home with this ultimate Wii set for a mere ¥1,000,000.

According to Sankei News, used goods retailer Enterking will be offering a ¥1,000,000 New Years fukubukuro this year consisting of a Wii and its entire catalogue of 408 games. The bundle will include mostly used versions, but Enterking will be tapping its new product shelf to fill in a few gaps.

Think all this is worth ¥1,000,000? You'd better hope you're alone, as Enterking is only making available one set. It will be taking names down at its shops from January 1 through January 3. In the event that more than one person expresses interest, the final buyer will be chosen by lottery.

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