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Sony Updates Ad-Hoc Party For Monster Hunter Portable 3rd

Future update to add direct access from PlayStation Home.


Monster Hunter Portable 3rd retains the ad-hoc only wireless play of past portable Monster Hunter games. But as true hunters will know, this isn't too much of an issue thanks to Sony's Ad-Hoc Party program.

Ad-Hoc Party is a free PlayStation 3 app that lets PSP owners play a large selection of ad-hoc-based PSP games online using their PS3 as a proxy. Monster Hunter Portable 3rd is a part of the party.

Coinciding with MHP3rd's release today, Sony has released an updated version of Ad-Hoc Party. The updated version adds a special Monster Hunter Portable 3rd world, accessible off the Ad-Hoc Party front menu by pressing L1 or R1.

The MHP3rd world has its top screen, lobby, rooms and BGM themed around MHP 3rd. Players can select from high level, low level and free play levels depending on their expertise.

The only catch with the MHP 3rd room is that it doesn't support eight player rooms. If you want eight player rooms, you'll need to use the standard world.

You can view a promotional video for the Ad-Hoc Party collaboration here:

Sony will be giving Ad-Hoc Party another update on the 16th. This will allow for direct access to rooms from PlayStation Home.

Home will also get some MHP 3rd content on the 16th, including an MHP 3rd "Play Room" in the Capcom Lounge and a free Poogie item.

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