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Yakuza Of the End: Close Up Gun Shot Battle

Have a look at the gunplay in the new Yakuza game, with step-by-step shots of the new Heat Snipe moves.


Sega provided a closer look today at Yakuza Of the End's all new "Gun Shot Battle" system, complete with step-by-step pics of at the main characters' various "Heat Snipe" moves.

Of the End swaps out the gangsters and thugs we're used to seeing in a Yakuza game for a different kind of filth, filling the streets of a devastated Kamurocho with zombies and other beasts. As you move through the neon city, you'll need to defend yourself using a variety of weapons.

The Gun Shot Battle shooting system is being developed with consideration to all gamers. In general, you won't have to aim, as your character will blast away in the direction of movement. Ammo is infinite, so you'll just have to keep track of reload timing. For more advanced players, the game can be switched to "Aiming Mode," allowing for instant kill head shots and enemy weak point targeting.

Playable characters Gogo Majima, Shun Akiyama, Ruji Goda and Kazuma Kiryu can be equipped with up to four weapons simultaneously. You'll need to switch off between these weapons to deal with the zombie foes strategically.

Each character is adept with one weapon in particular:

Shun Akiyama
Akiyama uses twin guns nicknamed Macedonia Shooter. This weapon allows for rapid fire while also letting Akiyama maintain his speed. It's at its best when dealing with large groups of enemies.
Goro Majima
Majima uses the Mark IV.EXPs shot gun. This weapon does away with some of the problems of shot guns like low rapid fire potential and slow reload time.
Ryuji Goda
Goda's weapon is a Gatling Gun that he's named "Kuroganemaru." The gun is usually masked as his artificial arm, but when it's time to fight, it turns into weapon form and gives him overwhelming rapid fire capability.
Kazuma Kiryu
The Yakuza series hero uses his XK.50 sniper gun, a massive weapon whose bullets have tremendous power and can take out entire groups of zombies in one hit.

The Gun Shot Battle system has its own version of the "Heat Action" special attacks from the conventional Yakuza games. These are called "Heat Snipe" moves. Heat Snipe moves deplete your Snipe Gauge.

Here's a look at a few of the Heat Snipe Moves, including some cooperative moves that can be performed when you're out on the streets with partner characters.

(The English versions of the names listed here are rough approximations.)

破断・鋼鉄の嵐/Steel Storm

Precisely aim at building materials on roof tops. The materials will fall to the ground and take out any zombies.

爆炎の極み/Extreme Explosive Flame

Toss a Molotov cocktail at the enemy, and blast it with a precise shot, resulting in a rain of fire.

穿孔・火炎車/Flame Car

A precise shot aimed at the gas tanks of abandoned cars, resulting in an explosion that takes out all nearby enemies.

連爆の極み/Extreme Consecutive Blast

Toss a grenade at groups of enemies, then fire a precise shot that sets the grenade off in the air and takes out large groups of enemies.

Cooperative Heat Snipe Moves

These screens show Kiryu teaming up with Goda and Akiyama teaming up with Majima.

Joining the gunplay, Of the End also has standard melee combat. It's unclear how the two systems will mix at present, but you can see screens of the hand-to-hand combat in this story.

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