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Thousands Line Up For Monster Hunter Portable 3rd

New PSP entry draws over 3,000 at one Shinjuku shop.


The Monster Hunter series solidified its standing as a Dragon Quest level cultural icon today as the Monster Hunter Portable 3rd launch caused thousands to line up early in the morning.

Famitsu.com sent its reporters around Tokyo and also had readers submit regional line pics from around Japan. You can see all the results at this topic page.

Tokyo's top electronics retailers attracted hundreds and even thousands of fans for early morning sales. Based off the various stories at Famitsu.com:

Shinjuku West Yodobashi Camera

This famous shop had 20 to 30 people at 21:00 yesterday, 100 people at midnight, 500 people by 5:00 in the morning, and 1,000 people by 6:00. At this point, the line circled the 300 meter circumference shop twice. Sales were originally supposed to have started at 7:00, but due to potential traffic issues, the shop pushed this up 30 minutes in advance. Despite the early start, the line continued to grow. A store representative estimated the line to be around 3,000 people by 7:30.

West Shinjuku Bic Camera

This shop also had a few people waiting from the night before. Things really heated up in the morning, reaching 600 people ahead of the scheduled 7:30 opening. One clerk said that it had been years since he'd seen such a line at the shop.

Ikebukuro Bic Camera

This popular lineup point saw its first arrival at 1:30am. By 5:30, the line had crossed the 100 mark and reached 500 by around 8:00. The store hadn't announced an early opening, but rather than waiting for the standard 10:00 opening time, it began sales at 8:30. Sales stations were set up on all floors of the shop.

For its regional coverage of the launch, Famitsu assembled reader contributed images in a single story. The usual suspects saw major lines, with Yodobashi Camera in Osaka's Umeda area drawing around 1,000 or so people.

Retailers gave Famitsu.om varying reports of of sellouts. The Shinjuku West Yodobashi ran out of all stock to the initial crowd and had to turn away customers. Many of the other locations were able to accommodate all interested parties, but warned of possible sell outs later at night.

The official launch event took place as scheduled early morning at the Tsutaya retailer in front of Shibuya Station. Producer Ryozo Tsujimoto was joined by a Felyne a Hunter and long time celebrity Monster Hunter fans Satoshi Inoue and Tetsuo Sato to count down to the 7:00 start of sales.

For pics of the launch event, visit Famitsu.com and Dengeki Online.

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