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Yamauchi Talks Gran Turismo 5 on Twitter

Producer responds to player comments and suggestions.

Kazunori Yamauchi tackles GT5 issues via his Twitter.

Gran Turismo 5 has been out for close to a week now, and it looks like virtual racers are full of complaints and suggestions. Polyphony head Kazunori Yamauchi recently addressed a few player concerns at his Twitter account.

Here's a bit of what Yamauchi wrote:

Regarding a YouTube video upload feature, this was actually implemented at one point, but it required a lot of time for rendering because of insufficient memory. They're still looking into it, though.

Someone asked for a no HUD option, and Yamauchi replied that they'd like to do something about this in the future.

The next update for the game is scheduled for early this month. This will include options of some form for the game's mechanical damage system.

Face tracking is only available in arcade mode due to memory restrictions.

New lounge functionality will be added over time.

Regarding an option for just driving around town, Yamauchi said that this is one of the things that they'd wanted to do but were unable to.

They're currently preparing a credits and experience system for online play. Yamauchi said to wait a bit for this.

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