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Nintendo's Pushes Wii For Parties

New campaign promotes Wii for use at Christmas and New Years gatherings.


Nintendo kicked off a new promotional campaign for Wii today. A visit to the campaign page should give you the basic idea:

The campaign is titled "Atsumareba Wii," which loosely translates to "If you gather together, Wii." The page introduces Wii games that can be enjoyed when family and friends gather at Christmas and New Years events. Selections include Wii Party, New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Mario Sports Mix.

Joining a video that introduces all the games, the campaign page has some commercials which promote the Wii's use at various gatherings, including a day off with the family, a nabe party, and gathering of relatives, and in the work place ("For recreation in the work place, how about Wii?").

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