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There's Also a Gran Turismo 5 Update Due Later This Month

Late December update to allow for save backup, says Kaz.


Polyphony Digital big boss man Kazunori Yamauchi has been responding to Gran Turismo 5 comments and concerns via his Twitter. Yesterday, we got first word of an update that's due out at some point early this month. Today, Kaz mentioned another update for later this month.

As detailed yesterday, the first December update will include some sort of configuration option for mechanical damage. Kaz has yet to share a final date for the update, but in a new Tweet today, he did say that it's going to be available shortly.

The update that's planned for the end of the month will include an option for backing up your save data to other storage devices.

Gran Turismo producer Kazunori Yamauchi.

Because I don't want a billion Gran Turismo stories on this site (A billion Aya Brea ass stories are fine, though), I'll probably put summaries of any GT5 Tweets Kaz posts today into this story, so racing fans may want to check back periodically. If you're a registered member, you'll get alerts to updates in the "Following" section of the front page.

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