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Climb Waterfalls in New DSi Ware Game

Comparisons to Contra not allowed.


Silver Star Japan's newest DSi Ware game is all about jumping. In Action Game Fly!! Dragon!, you're a master fighter out to challenge a waterfall that legend says rises endlessly into the sky. To get to the top, you'll need to jump from log to log, balancing on the occasional boulder, and even bouncing off enemies.

You can select between three characters, emphasizing respectively balance, jump or speed. You move your character with the d-pad and press A to jump. You also have access to such techniques as a double jump and a downward thrust.

The game rewards players for skillful jumping. If you manage to bounce off consecutive enemy heads, you'll receive bonus points. The boss fights that await at the end of the stages will also require your best jumping skills.

Action Game Fly!! Dragon! hit DSi Ware on December 8, priced 200 DSi Points. Visit the official site for a promotional video.

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