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Samurai Warriors Chronicles Update

A few additional details and screens for the 3DS Samurai Warriors.


Famitsu.com posted a preview of Samurai Warriors Chronicles today. The article is full of screens from the upcoming 3DS title, and even offers a few new gameplay details.

Chronicles will have the "Musou Enbu" story mode of past Samurai Warriors games. In past titles, each general had his own story. This time, because you can create your own general, there are no individual stories. Instead, you lead your custom general through a multi chapter story where you develop bonds with with over 40 Sengoku era generals.

It looks like you're able to select from multiple chapters. Each chapter consists of multiple scenarios which can also be freely selectable. Prior to starting the scenario, you'll be able to view a briefing, where you can set up general positions and equipment.

Each general has a "friendship level parameter" indicating how close you've gotten to them. You'll be able to improve their favor by responding to questions during event scenes. There will be some bonuses for getting friendly with the generals.

The Famitsu.com story also confirms that the game will have support for StreetPass and SpotPass. You can read basic details on these new 3DS services here.

Visit the Famitsu.com story for a bunch of screens.

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