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Ace Attorney Investigations 2 Heads to Prison

Find out what happens next for Miles and Kay.


Since Capcom first announced Ace Attorney Investigations 2 just ahead of the Tokyo Game Show, we've seen nothing beyond the game's first chapter. At long last today, a look at what comes next, courtesy of the official site.

Following the events at Gourd Lake, (although it should be noted that it's unclear if this is actually the game's second chapter or not), Miles Edgeworth will find himself in prison. Not as a prisoner, though. It looks like there's been a happening of some form in the prison, and Miles has been called in to see what's up. He'll be joined by Kay Faraday.

Two mysterious figures will appear before Miles and Kay during the course of their investigation.

First up is a newcomer prosecutor who calls himself Ichiryu (left). His full name is Yumihiko Ichiyanagi. His goal in all things he does is to be number one, and he attempts to solve his cases faster than anyone else.

The other mysterious character is Hakari Mikagami (right), the judge we previously met. Capcom refers to her in this latest introduction as a mysterious figure, suggesting that this will be Miles' first encounter with her.

Mikagami is part of an organization called "Prosecutor Investigation Committee." This influential organization consists of 11 members, selected by politicians and people involved in the legal world. They observe the movements of prosecutors, seeking out those who may not be qualified for the job, an activity they call "Prosecutor Purge."

Mikagami has come to the prison to order the case transferred from Miles to Yumihiko.

You can see a couple of short videos of the two characters at the official site's character page.

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