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Dragon Quest IX Featured in Upcoming DQ Battle Road Victory DLC

Last DLC for Wii title is the biggest yet!


Dragon Quest Battle Road Victory has been making its way through all the numbered Dragon Quest games for its download content updates. The fifth and final update hits on December 17, and will feature, as one might expect, Dragon Quest IX.

The game's Legend Quest IX scenario is completely new for the Wii and will feature 14 chapters -- the most ever for the game's download content. You'll face off against powerful foes from DQIX, some recognizable from the game's treasure maps.

Also due for this batch of DLC are a couple of special cards, one featuring DQIX's Rikka and one DQ Swords' Setia. You'll also find some DQIX-themed clothing items.

As always, the DLC will cost 300 WiiPoints for the scenario, 200 WiiPoints for each card, and 100 WiiPoints for each item.

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