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Wii Gets Milestone Shooting Collection 2

Five shooters in one package.


If you're into shooters and you somehow decided to side with Wii instead of Xbox 360, boy has Milestone got the New Years gift for you! The company unveiled today Milestone Shooting Collection 2, due for Wii release on December 30.

The first Milestone Shooting Collection included Karous, Radirgy and Chaos Field. This new compilation includes the following:

  • Radirgy
  • Illvelo
  • Karous
  • Radirgo Noa Wii
  • Chaos Field

All these bullets for just ¥4,800! Visit the official site for a look at each game.


A previously version of this story said that the original Milestone Shooting Collection included just Karous. It actually included Karous, Radirgy and Chaos Field.

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