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Eight Percent Of Fans Want Acquire to Make Way of the Zombie

Publisher reveals results of recent user poll.

Way of the Samurai 4 really ought to have been Way of the Zombie 4.

Following hints of a possible Shinobido revival a couple of months back (see this story for details), Acquire held a poll asking fans to select what they'd like next from the company. Today, it posted the results.

The poll got 3,909 votes. The original goal was for 200, making it a big success, it would seem.

Not surprisingly given the poll's context, Shinobido was the top vote getter, with 65% of the vote. In second place was "New Title" with 10%. 5% asked for a sequel to 2005 PS2 title Samurai Western. 4% asked for a sequel to 2006 PS2 title Kamiwaza.

And right in the middle of it all was "Zombiedo," or "Way of the Zombie," with 8%. This was actually one of the selections put in the poll by Acquire.

If a zombie infusion worked for Yakuza, maybe it will work for Way of the Samurai too.

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