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Hey Yakuza Director Toshihiro Nagoshi, Make a Game About Girls!

Fans ask Japan's darkest game creator about the possibility of a female lead in an upcoming title.

Yakuza does have plenty of female characters, but the main characters are all men.

The Yakuza series has the image of being a "drama about men." Wouldn't it be neat to see what happens if the team behind the game switched the focus to female characters?

This was apparently on the minds of fans who contributed to Sony's PlayStation Awards ceremony. Going along with this year's newly started user's choice award, Sony had fans contribute questions for game creators as part of a campaign called "Tell me! Mr. Creator." The creators were asked these questions at the end of the ceremony.

One of the questions asked of Yakuza series mastermind Toshihiro Nagoshi concerned the possibility of making a game with a female lead.

Replied Nagoshi (via 4gamer): "Yakuza is a title that tells the story of Japanese men and adults. It doesn't target female audiences, but it looks like there are a lot of women who are interested in this type of title. Over 20% of Yakuza players are women. Personally, I'd like to make a game that uses a female main character. Although, there would be action, so what type of main character to go with would be an area of concern."

It's worth noting that Nagoshi's latest game, Binary Domain, does appear to have at least one female lead character.

Fans at a Yakuza 3 stage event during Sega's 2009 Asobinasai event. Many of the most hardcore questions were from the female attendees, suggesting that the series does have a female following.
The Yakuza series is known for hits hostess component. Perhaps a Yakuza Girls Side would have a host component?
Based off the recent trailer, Nagoshi's new project, Binary Domain, does seem to have a playable female character.

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