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Monster Hunter Tops Two Million

Capcom announces impressive first week shipments.

One of the many beasts that await you in Monster Hunter Portable 3r.

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd shipped two million units in its first week, Capcom announced today. This is the highest first week shipment figure in series history.

The followup to Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G, the PSP's current best selling title, 3rd hit retail last Wednesday. Capcom kicked off sales with an official launch countdown event in Shibuya, but lines were reported throughout Japan.

In a press release (read it here), Capcom attributed the fast start to both returning fans and new fans, the latter coming in part from the success of Monster Hunter Diary.

Capcom's is continuing with its Monster Hunter Portable 3rd promotions post release. The game is currently being promoted through tie-ups with clothing retailer Uniqlo and the Shinshu Shibu Onsen facility in Nagoya. March will see the start of the 2011 Monster Hunter Festa fan event and tournament, which will tour Japan through six regions.

The Monster Hunter series has a whole has sold 15 million units, Capcom also said today.

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