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Rune Factory Oceans Official Site Opens

Meet the heroines. Plus, the relationship between the male and female main character becomes even more bizarre.


The newly opened Rune Factory Oceans official site is currently missing most of its content, but there is a bit of clarification about the game's somewhat odd premise.

We previously met the game's two main characters, Azel and Sonia. Previously, it was said that the two characters have been summoned to the game world and end up occupying the same body. This isn't entirely accurate.

Azel and Sonia are from the same world, where they were childhood friends. One day, they're both sucked into a mysterious light and end up on Finis Island, a land where people, spirits and monsters live together.

Azel regains consciousness beneath a great tree, and the first person he sees is Odette, a girl from a nearby town. Azel decides to temporarily reside on the island and leases the house next to Odette's. However, the next day, a tremendous incident shakes the island, leading to the start of Azel's adventures out on the sea.

When Azel awakens underneath that great tree, Sonia is nowhere to be found. The reason is that Sonia is actually in Azel's head. She'll stay there for the first part of the game.

It looks like Sonia will eventually come out, though. The official site says that you'll be able to make Azel go out on dates with, marry and have kids with heroines, and likewise for Sonia with heroes. This presumably means that at some point you'll be able to toggle between the two characters.

Three of the heroines who can be targeted by Azel are Lily, Odette and Iris. These three are sisters who run "Sisters," a combo pub and inn establishment. Lily, the oldest, is a musician and also serves a motherly role. Odette, the second oldest, is a brilliant cook. Iris, the youngest, is the town's only nurse.

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