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Dream Club Zero's "Dream Insect" Mini Game

More ways to molest your hostesses. Plus, the latest costumes!


Dream Club Zero won't be making it out for its original December 30 release date, but D3 Publisher is taking the time to pack the game full of innovative ways to molest your virtual hostesses.

The latest technique is known as "Dream Insect." Every now and then when you're out on a date, your hostess partner will find herself being uncomforted by a cute little insect. It's up to you to rid her of the invader.

Here's an example of successfully dealing with the Dream Insect for Haruka (those guys in suits are her body guards, so you'd better do good!):

And here's an example of failing with Rui:

Dream Insect isn't the only way you'll get a hand icon on the screen when playing Dream Club. During your dates, the girls will occasionally find their clothing covered in dust or other junk. They'll ask that you clear it out.

Here's an example of being a gentleman and helping your girl out.

And here's an example of what happens when you're not so gentlemanlike.

Dream Gacha

You'll get plenty of chances to interact with the Dream Club hostesses in the host club and when out on dates. But your infatuation with that one special hostess doesn't have to end there!

Dream Club Zero offers a "Dream Gacha" machine which is filled with prizes surrounding the hostesses.

Some of the items that you win in Dream Gacha can be used to decorate your room. Each spin costs 10,000 yen, but you can end up making your room look like this:

Members Card

Visitors to Dream Club get a members card. This card stores up points based off your money spent and your success at mini games. As you rise in rank, your card will go from regular to silver to gold to platinum.

Regular is the card you get when you first enter the shop. Silver lets you enjoy a more advanced version of the Dream Gacha game, Dream Gacha G. Gold will make the girls appear in events with different hair styles. Platinum will make the girls appear in events with special -- particularly popular -- hair styles.

Winter Clothing

Finally, a look at the latest Dream Club Zero clothing. These clothes will appear in events surrounding New Years.

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