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Tom Create's Mystery DSi Ware Game Revealed

Get your first look at the high paced Omokoshi Wars.


Last week, Tom Create teased an announcement of a new DSi Ware game. The game saw its full reveal today. Have a first look at Omikoshi Wars.

Omikoshi are those shrines you see people carrying on their shoulders during festivals. In the game, you take control of one of those shrines. As the game scrolls from top to bottom, you attempt to gather "katsugi," little dudes who help carry your shrine.

You'll want to build up an army of katsugi, as you'll soon find yourself facing off against enemy shrines. You'll have to scatter these by making use of jumps and body strikes.

In addition to a stage-based normal mode, the game includes an endless mode which lets you play as long as your skills last.

You can get a first video look at the game at Omikoshi Wars via the newly opened official site (click on the scroll button at the top of the page for the movie).

Omikoshi Wars arrives later this year at the usual Tom Create DSi Ware price of 200 DSi Points.

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