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Castlevania SotN, Valis and Chou Aniki Set for PSN

Big titles for retro gamers this week and next.


Some big titles are on the way for the Game Archives and PC Engine Archives services.

Due out for Game Archives today are the following PlayStation titles:

    [li]Asuka 120% Special Burning Fest (CAP, ¥600)[/li]

    [li]My Home Dream (Marvelous Entertainment, ¥600)[/li]

    [li]Shijin no Maki Koten Tsumego-shuu (Hamster, ¥600)[/li]

    [li]Kohni Shogun (Hamster, ¥600)[/li]

    [li]Le Concert Pianissimo (Gung Ho, ¥600)[/li]

    [li]Le Concert Fortissimo (Gung Ho, ¥600)[/li]


    On the 16th, the service will get Castlevania Symphony of the Night from Konami, priced ¥600.

    PC Engine Archives will get the following on the 15th:

    • Benki Gaiden (Hudson, ¥600)
    • Chou Aniki (Hudson, ¥800)
    • Mugen Senshi Valis (Hudson, ¥800)
    Asuka 120% Special Burning Fest
    Kohni Shogun
    Shijin no Maki Koten Tsumego-shuu
    Le Concert Fortissimo
    Le Concert Pianissimo
    My Home Dream

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