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Resident Evil Revelations Promises True Survival Horror

The staff of the upcoming 3DS title share a few gameplay and concept details.


Resident Evil Revelations wasn't given much in the way of details at the Nintendo Conference a couple of months back. But Famitsu has stepped up this week with a full look at the 3DS title, complete with little bits of commentary from the development staff.

That staff includes producer Masachika Kawata (also producing The Mercenaries 3D), producer Takayuki Hama, and director Koushi Nakanishi.

Revelations is an all new Resident Evil game that's set on a creature infested luxury cruise ship. The game is set between the time of Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5 and follows the actions of the BSAA anti bio-terror forces, which has just recently been formed (around the year 2005).

Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine, main characters of the original RE, are confirmed for the game. Famitsu says that a number of other BSAA members will appear as well.

The game's prologue starts out on a dark, stormy night out at sea. Some BSAA soldiers are approaching a once great cruise ship, which nows looks like a ghost ship. As they approach, Jill says to herself, "Surely, they are somewhere on this ship."

A luxury cruise ship is the main setting for Revelations, but the game will also have other environments.

The concept of the game, Kawata told the magazine, is to deliver a game that makes players feel a greater sense of fear. This will be achieved by adding the "classic style" of exploration and puzzle solving found in the older RE games to the style of play featured in RE4 and beyond.

They're following a different path from the post RE4 series, which Kawata feels placed the focus on an invigorating gameplay experience. This time, they'll be placing an emphasis on the fear and suspense side, making players feel so scared that they don't want to move.

The type of fear and suspense detailed in the interview should be familiar to players of the old Resident Evil games. You won't know where the enemies will emerge, so you'll have to slowly advance in fear of when something might pop out. Creatures will appear from unexpected directions. You'll also have to deal with limited ammo. It's true "survival horror," said Nakanishi.

Nakanishi also detailed how the game's cinematic and visual effects will contribute to the fear. In addition to the interior of the ship being dark, the 3D output will give you a true feeling that there's something in the depths of the halls. The ability for 3D to deliver this feel is the reason they decided to place the emphasis on horror, said Nakanishi.

Fans of the classic Resident Evils will probably be pleased with the new focus on horror. But it looks as though, in terms of story, the game is actually being designed for newcomers. Asked if Revelations will have connections with past titles, Nakanishi assured that as the game is set just after the formation of the BSAA it won't be totally unrelated. However, because it's coming out for a new system, they're making it so that players who are new to the series will enjoy themselves. At the same time, there will be some elements that fans of past titles will appreciate.

What other BSAA Members will join Chris and Jill?

On the media front, Famitsu's has some game screens which show Jill and Chris walking through the halls of the cruise ship, taking aim at creatures. One screen shows shows a red targeting light coming out of Jill's gun.

The magazine provides only a few gameplay details besides what can be determined by the screens. You'll be able to freely move while your gun is equipped. You'll also be able to freely move your viewpoint around. Many of the screens in the magazine are from the character's backs like in Resident Evil 4, but there are a few shots where it looks like the player has moved the camera around to Jill's side.

The developers told Famitsu that Revelations is being developed to offer a new play control feel. No details yet, but the magazine does speculate (and with Famitsu, it's usually informed speculation) that this could relate to the 3DS's unique functionality.

These older Revelation shots (distributed at the Nintendo Conference in September) don't show any of the enemies. The game will have a variety of new enemies, Famitsu confirms.

In addition to the gameplay shots, the magazine has some storyboards showing concept images of other areas. One storyboard shows a storage room that's filled with dead bodies. An air duct has broken, and one body seems to be hanging out partially from the broken end of the air duct. There's a similarly bloody scene from the ship's kitchen, which is also filled with dead bodies.

Some of the image boards show areas off the ship, including a port town and a snowy mountain. The mountain image board shows a crashed freighter plane in flames.

The overall setting for the game is Europe, Nakanishi said when asked about the setting. He wouldn't go into details beyond this.

Development on Revelations is currently at 20% complete, Famitsu reveals. The game is still listed in the magazine as date TBA.

Additional reporting by Alex "cvxfreak" Aniel

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