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Final Fantasy Agito XIII: Another Brief Update

Director hints at shooting elements and unique multiplayer system.

One day we'll find out what screens like this mean.

Yes, it's another "brief" update on Final Fantasy Agito XIII. But at least this one doesn't come from Twitter!

Famitsu has a lengthy interview with The 3rd Birthday staff this week. Included in that staff is Hajime Tabata, who happens to be directing both The 3rd Birthday and Agito. The magazine asked Tabata for a progress update on the Final Fantasy XIII sister project.

"I occasionally provide progress updates at The 3rd Birthday Twitter, but development is progressing well," said Tabata.

He added, "it's becoming an intense experience where you do gun shooting with fire." It sounds like Tabata is hinting at some heavy duty action elements for the combat system!

On the topic of multiplayer, Tabata said, "Agito XIII will not have the standard multiplayer style of everyone gathering together to play. It will be a multiplayer system unique to this game."

Famitsu says that further details on Agito will be gradually released starting with the January Fabula Nova Crystallis conference. Versus XIII is also scheduled to get its full reveal at this event.

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