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Resident Evil Mercenaries 3D Detailed

The mini game from past Resident Evils gets a full release on 3DS. Find out what to expect.


Resident Evil Revelations may have been the first Resident Evil game announced for 3DS. But it probably won't be the first one to make it out. While Famitsu lists Revelations as 20% complete this week, Resident Evil The Mercenaries 3D is all the way up to 70%!

Famitsu has a full update on the game in this week's issue, complete with commentary from producer Masachika Kawata (also producer on Revelations) and director Kazuhisa Inoue.

The Mercenaries 3D is a package version of "The Mercenaries," a mode of play that first appeared in Resident Evil 3 Last Escape but will be more familiar to modern day players from its appearance in Resident Evil 5. Players team up to defeat enemies in a limited amount of time.

In its 3DS incarnation, Mercenaries will support Wi-Fi co-op for up to two players. Like the past mini games, it will be a pure gameplay experience. There won't be any story elements.

Controls are being reworked to make the game more player friendly. There will also be some form of unspecified touch screen aspect to the controls.

One of the big additions to the control scheme is a first person aiming mode. The game is normally viewed from behind your character's back. However, when you ready your weapon, the game automatically switches into first person mode and you use the analogue slider to aim. You'll be able to freely move while in this first person view.

Commenting on the first person switch, Inoue said that the 3D view support lets you truly get a grasp for the gameplay space and feel like you're there when enemies attack and fire.

Also new for the game is a character customization system. You'll be able to build up your character like in an RPG. Details are a bit sparse on this area, but it looks like you'll be able to set your character with skills, which will level up. You'll also be able to customize weapons.

Currently confirmed for playable appearance in the game are Chris Redfield, Claire Redfield, Jack Krauser and Hunk.

Chris's model is based off his Resident Evil 5 model. Claire, making her first Mercenaries appearance, serves as a contrasting character to Chris. While Chris is powerful, Claire uses her nimbleness to her advantage. She's shown in Famitsu's screens using a weapon with a laser site, which could mean that less experienced players will have an easier time using her.

Jack is good with archery and rocket launcher weapons, and also uses a knife for close combat. Kawata described him as a power character, with high attack and defensive strength. Hunk, while a soldier like Krauser, has a style that's more focused on balance rather than power.

With The Mercenaries 3D having a 70% completion level, it may seem like it's a prime candidate to launch with the 3DS early next year. Unfortunately, Famitsu still lists the game with a general TBA time frame.

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