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MMV's New Wii Horror Game Uses Balance Wii Board

One of many bizarre features of the new Ikenie no Yoru.


Famitsu has a tiny look this week at a new Wii game from Marvelous Entertainment. The game is titled "Ikenie no Yoru", which could (as some readers suggested in this week's Flying Get) translate to "Night of the Sacrifice."

Ikenie no Yoru is a horror adventure game that follows the exploits of five college students who've visited Tsukuyomi Ravine, an area that is said to have once had the custom of offering sacrifices to the gods. Players will use the Wiimote as a flashlight to explore a mansion and its surroundings.

Famitsu has just a couple of screenshots. The game's characters look like partial silhouettes -- that is, their faces and bodies are a solid color with no features, although they do have basic clothing. It's somewhat (just somewhat) similar to the effect in Sega's early DS game Feel the Magic.

Also of note, the game will have support for two players and will also use the Balance Wii Board in some capacity. The magazine did not provide details on these areas.

Ikenie no Yoru is due for March 24 release at ¥6,090.

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