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FFVIII's Laguna Appears in Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy

Plus, Jump reveals the game's new world map feature!

Laguna in FFVIII.

The next Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy character has been revealed, and once again it's Weekly Shounen Jump that's doing the revealing.

The upcoming issue of Jump reveals that Final Fantasy VIII's Laguna Loire will be playable in the game. Laguna makes use of a machine gun as his standard weapon. Players can run while gunning away, and also increase combo counts by holding down the fire button. Laguna's EX Burst makes him use all his weapons to blast away at his opponent.

Joining the new character reveal, Jump has a first look at a new gameplay feature: a world map. It's unclear how this system will work, but a screenshot shows Lightning moving about on a 3D field with what looks like Tifa and Warrior of Light in her "party."

We're going to have to wait for further details on bout Laguna and the world map. As usual, those specifics will likely come next week.

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