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First Look: Night of the Sacrifice

Plus, a look at the game's bonus strap, which is infused with the power of spiritual idol Saya Hikita!


This week's Famitsu has yet to hit news stands, but Famitsu.com has delivered a first look at one of the more mysterious reveals in the magazine, Marvelous Entertainment's "Ikenie no Yoru," or "Night of the Sacrifice." Access Famitsu.com for a first trailer. You can also view a YouTube version here:

The site doesn't share any further details beyond what was learned in the magazine reveal. Click here for a summary of that. Unfortunately, there's still no indication as to how the Balance Wii Board will be put to use.

Night of the Sacrifice buyers will get a bonus strap item which is said to be infused with the power of "spiritual idol" Saya Hikita. Hikita will be promoting the game through demo play videos.

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