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Xbox Live Glitch Gives Dream Club Players Surprise 2011 Update in Advance

The dream of swappable costumes, realized in advance for those who downloaded the Games on Demand version yesterday.


D3 Publisher had a big surprise on the way in 2011 for Dream Club fans. An update was set to make the game's hostesses capable of swapping their downloadable clothing with one another.

It would have looked something like this:

A nice surprise, only it's not much of a surprise anymore. An Xbox Live glitch sent the patched version out as the game's Games on Demand release, which hit Xbox Live Marketplace on 12/7. Downloaders found themselves with the updated version, which is why all these images are appearing in advance.

Microsoft says that the patch hasn't undergone final checks and may be unstable. It's currently offering an update to send the game back to its pre patched state. Of course, you'll loose the patch's added functionality, including the ability to swap clothes around.

The official update release will take place in 2011 and will be available for everyone.

[Seen at Hachimaki]

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