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The Last Story Being Developed by AQ Interactive/Artoon

Blue Dragon developer teaming up with Sakaguchi once again for Wii RPG.

Sakaguchi is teaming up with the folks behind Blue Dragon for his latest RPG.

Another mystery was cleared up today for The Last Story, and once again we have Nintendo's inquisitive CEO Satoru Iwata to thank. The latest Iwata Asks column for the game, posted today to the Nintendo homepage, reveals the development studio behind The Last Story to be AQ Interactive.

The name AQ Interactive may not ring a bell for most outside of Japan, but it can basically be thought of as the former parent company of such studios as Cavia and Artoon. AQ recently absorbed all those studios under the single AQ Interactive banner.

The Iwata Asks interview makes no specific reference to The Last Story being developed by Artoon, something that's not surprising considering Artoon no longer exists. However, this does seem to be the case. Speaking with Iwata in the interview is AQ's Takuya Matsumoto, formerly of Artoon where he served as Blue Dragon's director. Matsumoto says that this is the first time he's worked with Sakaguchi since Blue Dragon some seven and a half years back.

AQ is handling the system/programming side of The Last Story. Matsumoto is in charge of this area, but his exact role (what he will be listed as in the credits) is not specified in the interview.

Check back shortly for more from the Iwata Asks interview.

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