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Dead Rising Mobile Hits iPhone

Help out friends via Twitter. Or don't and watch them turn into a powerful monster out for vengeance!


The iPhone version of Dead Rising, Dead Rising Mobile, made it out to the App Store today. Those with the proper i equipment can download the game for ¥600. Make the download quickly, though, as the price jumps up to ¥800 on the 15th!

Dead Rising Mobile puts players in control of Frank West. Back in the shopping mall of the original Dead Rising, Frank will have to make use of any weapon he can find to deal with armies of zombies, all the while making sure he doesn't get too hungry.

One of the big features for Dead Rising Mobile is connectivity with Twitter and Facebook. When your character is killed, you can post a message seeking help to Facebook or Twitter. If your friends see this, start a game, and choose to come to your aid, you'll be able to restart play without losing any of the "PP" experience points you'd gathered until the point of death.

If you're not saved, your character will turn into a powerful "Named Monster" and will appear in the games of other players with your name attached!

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