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The 3rd Birthday: Clothing Damage in Motion

Latest screens and details from the official site.


The 3rd Birthday official site was updated today with a couple of areas that should be of interest to readers of this site who made that recent image of Aya Brea in a bloody wedding outfit one of the top hit stories from earlier this week.

Under the "system" section of the site, you'll now find a look at the game's clothing damage system (click on "アヤの服"). The details are the same as always -- as you incur damage, Aya's clothes will gradually tear off to show a bit more flesh. But now you can see it in motion. The video at the end of this section also shows shows some of Aya's more recent costume announcements, including the Knight Armor outfit and maid outfit (but unfortunately not the sexy Santa Soldier outfit).

There's also a section titled "Level-up and BP" (click on "レベルアップとBP"). As you defeat the Twisted during your mission, you earn experience and BP (Bounty Points). Collect a certain amount of experience, and Aya's level will rise, increasing her maximum life and her attack strength during her Liberation burst move. In the CTI briefing room, you can purchase and customize weapons and also change Aya's costume. BP is used here to purchase weapons and repair damaged equipment.

Finally, a section called Overdive Kill (click on "オーバーダイブ・キル"). Overdive Kills have been detailed at this site before. During battle, if you hit your enemy with consecutive blasts or make use of powerful hand grenade and shotgun attacks, the enemy will retreat back. A triangle mark will appear on the screen when this happens. Lock on to the enemy, press triangle, and you'll unleash Aya's Overdive Kill move. Aya will dive into the enemy for a mental attack, dealing it serious damage. The down side is, for a brief period following the OD Kill, Aya will incur greater damage. There's a video in this section showing an OD Kill move.

Also at the site, you'll find a free custom theme for your PSP. Look for this in the "download" section.

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