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Resident Evil 3DS Sites Open with Lots of Screens

Chris, Claire, Jack and Hunk in the spotlight at the Mercenaries site.


Just in case that whole 70% completion thing wasn't enough, more evidence that Resident Evil Mercenaries 3D will be 3DS's first Resident Evil game came today as Capcom gave the game an official site. Resident Evil Revelations' official site is still pending.

The Mercenaries site does not have have additional details beyond what was shared in yesterday's Famitsu preview (click here for a summary!). It does have some screens, which you can see here:

In place of a full official site, Revelations got a small information page off the Biohazard series portal. This one also has some sweet screens:

Similar to Mercenaries, there's much more info on Revelations in Famitsu this week. You can read a summary of Famitsu's article here.

Both Revelations and Mercenaries are flagged as date TBA. Famitsu lists Mercenaries as 70% complete and Revelations as just 20%.

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