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Disgaea 4: Puchi Nendoroids and Retailer Bonuses

Nippon Ichi provides a look at some of the goodies.


Nippon Ichi provided a close look today at some of the bonus goodies players can look forward to with Disgaea 4.

The game's ¥9,975 first run limited edition will include a Nendroid Puchi Fuka figure. We previously saw just a sketch of the figure. Now see the real thing... placed outside on the grass!

Buyers of either the standard or limited editions can look forward to some retailer separate bonus goods. We were previously introduced to three of the bonus designs. Today, seven more.

From left to right, top to bottom: WonderGoo's B2 tapestry, Gamers telephone card, Animate telephone card, Dengekiya IC Card Jacket, Fammys telephone card, Comroad telephone card and AmiAmi telephone card.

One more round of bonuses is waiting to be unveiled.

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