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Your Valkyria Chronicles 3 Retail Bonuses

Telephone cards and more with a few slightly risque poses.


It seems like you can't release a game nowadays without a collection of risque goodies to give out as retailer-separate bonus items. Valkyria Chronicles 3 is no different. Sega provided a look today at the goodies, which feature illustrations from either character designer Raita Honjou or Production I.G.

COMG! (Raita Honjou telephone card)

Rakuten Books! (PC original wallpaper)

Animate (Raita Honjou I.G. tosho card)

AmiAmi (Production I.G. tosho card)

Imagine/Magical Garden (Raita Honjou tosho card)

Fammys (Raita Honjou telephone card)

Game Ark/Takarajima (Raita Honjou telephone card)

Seagull (Production I.G telephone card)

Comroad (Raita Honjou telephone card)

Sofmap (Raita Honjou telephone card)

Messe Sanoh (Production I.G telephone card)

Medeo! (Production I.G telephone card)

Media Land (Production I.G telephone card)

Laox Asobit City (Production I.G telephone card)

WonderGoo (Raita Honjou tapestry & tissue box cover)

Gamers (Raita Honjou telephone card & Gallia Army dog tag)

Sega Store (Raita Honjou telephone card & DX Pack)

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