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First Look: The 3rd Birthday's Aya Brea in the Shower

Inclusion of scene caused increased CERO rating, staff reveals.


The 3rd birthday staff has been a bit back and forth on the possibility of bringing back Parasite Eve 2's shower scene for The 3rd Birthday. Today came the final answer, courtesy of the game's Twitter:

That's main character Aya Brea in the game's shower scene. The image apparently appears in a magazine. (I'm going to assume it's Dengeki, as Famitsu has a different shower scene image, a particularly sexy shot of Aya pressing her hands against the camera).

Speaking to Famitsu this week, director Hajime Tabata said the shower scene wasn't in the game until midway through development. They ended up adding it after seeing reactions at Twitter.

"To be honest, with this the CERO rating went up," revealed Tabata. "I wanted to apologize to the publicity and management staff, but they all said 'This is okay!'" (The 3rd Birthday is rated D.)

Producer Yoshinori Kitase, in the same interview, said, "I was hoping to have The 3rd Birthday played by a wider audience, so I was cautious about the inclusion of the shower scene. However, one of the main elements of the game is also the appeal of Aya, so in the end I accepted it. It's really become a suggestive scene."

It looks like the game's CG staff was really excited about making the scene. Art director Isamu Kamikokuryou, also in the same interview (yes, they got everyone together), explained that when the development staff requests the production of a movie from Square Enix's movie staff, they usually begin with a discussion of budget and production time. This time, however, the movie staff said "You decide if you'll end up using it. We're just going to make it."

For kicks, here's a link to some old Tweets where Tetsuya Nomura discusses how impressed he is with the technology behind the scene. And here's a link to some Tweets from the day before where Tabata specifically says that there won't be a scene.

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