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Yakuza Of the End Play Spot Screens and Details

Your favorite mini games have returned for Zombie Yakuza, complete with improvements.


We got some textual details on Yakuza of the End's play spots late last month. But text was never appropriate for a game with zombies and hostesses and ping pong, so here's another look complete with some super duper high res screens Sega sent out today.

Yes, even as Kamurocho becomes a zombie infested hell, the playspots for which the Yakuza series has come to be known still manage to operate. Many of the play spots exist inside the sealed off area of the city. While you'll be sent into this area as part of the story, you're also able to sneak in. It's unclear why you'd want to sneak in, but visiting a play spot while out on a date with your favorite hostess does seem to be one possibility.

Of the End will have all the play spots from Yakuza 4, along with some new ones. The older play spots have all seen improvements. Here's a look at a few.


There are two host clubs in Of the End: Jewel and Shine. Unlike Yakuza 4, which kept Saejima from going to the clubs, all four playable characters can take part this time.

Of the End's hostesses were selected from the general public, similar to Yakuza 4.
As you leave, Yuria tells you to watch out for zombies.


The controls and difficulty for this mini game have been adjusted.


Similar to Yakuza 4, you'll be able to play a variety of modes while watching your hostess date make evocative poses. Come to the shop on your own and the staff will play against you.


Bowl with your hostess date. Of the End has a number of modes of play for the bowling mini game, including a mode where you have to tackle tough splits.


This mini game has a variety of rules like 01 Game, Cricket and Count Up. Beat your hostess date, and you may get a special kiss as a reward.


All four playable characters will sing during karaoke (this wasn't the case for Yakuza 4).


King Camel is an actual pachislot machine from Sammy. Its addition to Of the End's pachinko parlor is special because fans have apparently been asking for pachislot to be added to the game. Of course, you can also play pachinko like in past titles.


You can play the golf game with your favorite hostess. The game also has a number of challenges for solo golfers.


All the gravure images that serve as your target panels have been refreshed for Of the End.


You'll find new things to catch in the fishing mini game, some of which may be surprising.

Sega also shared a few new event scene images today. It didn't provide any details to go along with them, so you're going to have to speculate why Haruka has been kidnapped.

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