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Catherine's Action Part Detailed

Build your own pathway while fleeing horrific creatures.

Aim for the top of the stage while fleeing ghastly creatures.

Finally, some solid details on Catherine's action component! Famitsu has a two page spread on the game this week, and the central topic is the game's action part, which is set in main character Vincent's nightmares.

As previously detailed, the Catherine experience can be largely split into three parts. There's the adventure part which is set in the Stray Sheep Bar and has Vincent drinking, speaking with his buddies, and receiving e-mails. There's the story part which tells the game's story through anime and event scenes. And there's the nightmares-based action part.

Vincent sees his action-oriented nightmares every night. During these sequences, he must flee from mysterious creatures while climbing a stage that's set up like a giant flight of stairs, with the aim of reaching the exit at the top of the stage.

The term "stairway" may make you think of the kind of stairway that you use in real life. While some screenshots have shown in-game areas that look like this, the screens in this week's Famitsu look more like a giant tower of blocks, somewhat like Jenga.

Vincent can push and pull the blocks left, right, in and out in order to form steps and stepping spaces. You die if Vincent runs out of time or falls, so creating a safe and efficient pathway appears to be one of the goals.

Some of the blocks that make up the stairway are special. Examples include "Trap Type" and "Bomb Type." Trap type blocks have spikes coming out from their top. Bomb type blocks trigger an explosion when stepped on. This explosion engulfs surrounding blocks. Famitsu doesn't mention any use for the trap type blocks, but it suggests that you may be able to consciously use the bomb type blocks to create new paths.

A couple of the creatures that await Vincent in his dreams.

Three stages are shown in the magazine. They're labeled: "Stage 3: Torture Chamber," "Stage 5 Quadrangle," and "Stage 6: Clock Tower." There seems to be color and theme differences between the stages.

The magazine also shows a stage clear scene. This shows how far up the stairway you climbed, and lists a "Safety Bonus." The player in the screenshot received a "Silver Prize" trophy, which looks like a couple of cherubs standing under a bell.

Those darn sheep men have somewhat of a role in the game's dream component. By speaking to the sheep, you can gain important information which can be useful if you manage to wake up from your nightmare the following morning.

Meet up with the sheep to gain valuable information on the story.

Separate from these gameplay details, Famitsu's information box for the game lists Xbox Live and PlayStation Network Compatibility. It's unclear what form this will take.

UPDATE 12/11, 2:47: Famitsu.com has posted screens from the article. View them here.

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