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The 3rd Birthday: Santa Costume and Wedding Scene

Our latest update, courtesy of Famitsu.com


One of the first event scenes we saw from The 3rd Birthday, way back when it was still a cell phone game, showed main character Aya Brea in a wedding dress. We finally have some context for that scene, courtesy of Famitsu.com.

The wedding scene is a central event in The 3rd Birthday's story, the site reports. Aya, in her wedding dress, is shown with little sister Eve. Aya's groom looks like it might be Kyle, another returning character from past Parasite Eve games.

The wedding scene appears to turn into a gun fight. Screens show heavily armed soldiers and Aya's superior Hyde. Aya is in her wedding dress, but she's covered in blood and pointing a gun. What has happened?

Also at the site, a first look at Aya's revealing Santa Soldier outfit, and the shower scene from another angle. You'll apparently have to fulfill certain conditions in order to unlock the shower scene.

The site also has a look at the latest Twisted, including a creature known as Spawn. Its body looks somewhat like a canon, and it's capable of launching fire balls long distances. Aya will overdive into a tank in order to fight this guy.

There are also some screens of the OE Chip system. As previously detailed, Aya can collect OE Chips on the battle field. By setting these in Aya's 3x3 DNA Board, you'll activate special abilities known as Over Energy.

The OE Chips you earn in battle come in "Normal DNA" form, which are relatively easy to obtain, and "Rare DNA" form, which are harder to obtain and contain more powerful Over Energies.

Over Energies come in a variety of forms as well. There's "Healing," which recovers the HP of soldiers Aya has overdived into. There's also an OE that raises your defense, and an OE that recovers the life of all those who take part in a Cross Fire team up gun attack with Aya.

You can fuse OE Chips by stacking them up on the DNA Board. This can result in the Over Energy rising in level, and possibly changing into a different Over Energy all together. You're free to play around with setting OE Chips until you've finalized the DNA Board, so you can keep on experimenting until you get a result that you like.

The DNA Board to the left. To the right, Aya in the midst of using an Over Energy, it seems.

Aya can also be customized with new weapons. During your gun fights with the Twisted, you'll be able to switch off between four weapons, some combination of the weapons Aya brings into battle and the weapons used by the current soldier she's overdived into. Once you've encountered a weapon during an overdive, you'll be able to obtain that weapon separately for Aya in your home base's Weapon Bank area. Weapons can be customized with new parts, resulting in higher ranking weapons.

Visit Famitsu.com for additional screens showing these new features.

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