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Browser Sakura Wars Named and Visualed

New take on the franchise set in a school.


RoC Works has shared first details on the recently announced browser-based Sakura Taisen/Wars game. Previously known as just "Browser Sakura Taisen," the game now has the final title of "Sakura Taisen Taishou Roman Gakuentan."

This new take on the Sakura Taisen franchise is set in Daiteikoku Gakuen, or Imperial Academy. You can get a look at an illustration of the academy below, along with the game's main visual and logo:

For more, see the newly opened official site. There's a trailer in the Kinema Gekijou ("キネマ劇場") area. It's mostly a recap of past Sakura Taisen titles, but stick around for a few seconds of gameplay from the new game at the end.

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