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Namco Bandai Ports Wii One Piece to 3DS

Unlimited Cruise titles being combined on one cart for release this Spring.

Unlimited Cruise on Wii.

One of Namco Bandai's first 3DS titles will be a port of not one, but two of its Wii titles. This week's Jump has a first look at One Piece Unlimited Cruise SP, an enhanced port of the two Wii Unlimited Cruise titles on one cart.

The magazine doesn't have much in the way of details, but does say that there will be additional features over the Wii versions. A couple of screenshots show that the game has the expected setup of the action taking place on the top screen with the bottom screen used for such things as item selection.

Jump lists the game as being planned for Spring 2011, which could indicate launch or near launch status. A trailer will be shown in a "3D Theater" area of Namco Bandai's booth at this week's Jump Festa.

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