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Meet The Last Story's Heroine

Plus, preliminary details on the game's weapon system.

Kanan and Elza.

We've been seeing images of The Last Story's heroine Kanan for some time now, but Nintendo never detailed the character's background story. Jump has a few first details this week.

It turns out that Kanan is nobility. She's a daughter in the Arganon Family, the ruling family of Ruli Island. She lives in secret in Ruli Castle under the watch of her uncle, Count Arganon, one of the first characters revealed for the game. Kanan dreams of leaving the castle and traveling the world, but it looks like she's under close supervision at the castle, making this impossible.

Kanan and main character Elza will at some point have a fated meeting. Jump doesn't provide details on this area. It's worth noting, though, that the October trailer showed that Elza and his band of mercenaries have been employed by the Count, so perhaps this will lead to their meeting.

Kanan gets cover duties for The Last Story.

Jump also has a few preliminary details on The Last Story's equipment fortification and "appraisal" system.

You can take equipment to an upgrade shop to strengthen them, improving their properties and also adding special skills. Through fortification, weapons could end up changing into different weapon types.

The "appraisal" system appears to be used to determine the identity of mysterious equipment that you find during your adventure. You'll find an "Identify Shop" in town with an appraiser who can identify the item for you.

Expect further details on these systems and on Kanan over the next couple of weeks.

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