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First Look: Square Enix 2011 Christmas Cards

Dissidia Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep get the cover honors this year.


One of Square Enix's long running traditions at the annual Jump Festa event is to hand out packs of game-themed Christmas cards to booth visitors. The tradition will continue this year.

Square Enix provided a look at the sets today:

These are the outside envelope covers. Like last year, there will be two different sets. One has Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy art, and the other Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix art. The inside of each set consists of the same 15 cards.

This year, Square Enix is making booth visitors play a stamp rally game to get the cards. You'll have to go around the booth getting a stamp card stamped by playing games and visiting the "Mega Theater" video showcase. Once you've filled out a stamp card, you can exchange it for one of the sets, given out at random.

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