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Night of the Sacrifice Screens and Details

A few new details on MMV's Balance Wii Board horror game.


Marvelous Entertainment has provided an update on its new Wii horror game, Night of the Sacrifice. There's still no info on how the Balance Wii Board will be used, but we do have some screens

As previously detailed, Night of the Sacrifice takes place in Tsukuyomi Ravine, an area whose residents once offered sacrifices to the gods. Five college students have arrived at a mansion in the ravine area for what they expected would be a fun trip.

The story apparently takes a twist when the students hear a young girl calling for help. This marks the start of a curse where the five will approach their deaths.

You make use of the Wiimote masking as a flashlight as you explore the ravine. The game is split into episodes. You have access to four playable characters whose stories are all intertwined.

MMV has also opened an official site for the game. The site currently contains story details and last week's trailer, which you can also see here.

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