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Final Fantasy IV Compilation Set for PSP

Square Enix combines FFIV with FFIV The After on one UMD.


PlayStation Portable is getting a version of Final Fantasy IV. But there's a bit more to the new version than just a port of the 1991 Super Famicom/SNES classic.

The latest issue of V Jump has a first look at Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection. This PSP title combines Final Fantasy IV with Final Fantasy IV The After Years. The latter is an episodic sequel to FFIV that was released on Wii Ware last year after originally appearing on cell phones.

For the PSP, Square Enix is redoing the visuals and adding a new scenario that connects FFIV and The After Years. There could be some other new elements as well, but we'll have to wait for a followup report.

Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection is due for PSP release in Spring 2011.

From the WiiWare version of FFIV The After Years. The cell phone version was known as just 'FFIV The After.'

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