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The 3rd Birthday's Customization Systems Detailed at the Official Site

All the details on the weapon bank and over energy.


The latest update at The 3rd Birthday official site gives us a close look at some of the customization systems we've been hearing about for the past few weeks. You can customize main character Aya Brea by accessing PC terminals in between missions at CTI headquarters and during missions at save points.

To purchase new weapons and customize your current weapons, you enter the "Weapon Bank" area of the customization screen. You can also purchase new parts for your weapon here. The parts you have access to depends on Aya's mastery of the weapon, something that rises through use.

Weapons are rated in five areas: W-Pow (Weapon Power), B-Pow (Bullet Power), B-Impact, Handling and Range. When making purchase decisions, you can see what areas of the weapons will improve.

You gain access to new weapons by Overdiving into soldiers on the battle field.

Aya herself can be customized by entering the OE Setup area of the customization menu. This gives you access to Aya's DNA Board, where you can set OE Chips that you've acquired during your mission. Depending on how you place the OE Chips on the board, Aya will gain access to different skills, known as Over Energies. OE Chips can be set in such a way that you end up fusing them together, resulting in Over Energies with higher level or new Over Energies all together.

You gain OE Chips by doing Overdive Kill moves on the enemy and by overdiving into allies.

Also be sure and visit the site's download section for a new wallpaper, and the screenshots section for some screenshots. The site's background music also has additional tracks.

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