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Little Battle eXperience Trailer 2

Level-5's next big franchise debuts in 2010.


Level-5 has shared a second trailer for Danbal Senki (aka Little Battler eXperience). Stream the three minute clip here:

This second trailer is packed with both gameplay and story elements. On the gameplay side, you'll find battle scenes that show your LBX mecha performing special attacks like "Super Plasma Burst" and "Lightning Lance." The trailer promises 2,500 parts for customizing your mechs. Also getting brief mention is the game's multiplayer component, which will have both competitive and cooperative play.

The trailer closes with the promise of a simultaneous debut for Danbal Senki as a game, an anime, a manga and a model series. That debut will happen in early 2010, as the game version is due for March 17 release.

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