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Keiji Inafune's New Company Has a Name

From Capcom to... Comcept?


It's not entirely clear what Keiji Inafune has been up to since his recent departure from Capcom. But he did apparently make a trip to the Kinkos to print out some business cards.

A Twitter user who appears to be an analyst made a post today about an encounter he had with Inafune in Tokyo's Akasaka Mitsuke area. This is the first time he'd seen Inafune in two years. Inafune gave him a business card for "Comcept," apparently a company he'd formed after leaving Capcom. This was the first time Inafune had exchanged the new business card.

Inafune hasn't made mention of "Comcept" on his frequently updated Inafking blog, but this Tweet has spread to all the Japanese gaming blogs, so we can hopefully expect comment and confirmation shortly.

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