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First Look: Kingdom Hearts Aya Brea in the Tub

Who needs a shower scene when you can have a bath scene?


It's now known that The 3rd Birthday has a shower scene, one apparently steamy enough to have caused the game to be spanked with a D rating from CERO.

A shower scene is nice and all, but how'd you like to see Aya in the bath instead? It's not known if The 3rd Birthday will have a bath scene or not, but we can speculate on what such a scene would look like thanks to a piece of art that showed up at The 3rd Birthday Twitter.

It's Kingdom Hearts Aya Brea in the tub! Kingdom Hearts Aya Brea (who isn't actually from Kingdom Hearts or anything -- she's just drawn like a Kingdom Hearts Mobile avatar) previously appeared at the Twitter fully clothed and guns blazing, like so:

In other The 3rd Birthday Twitter news, director Hajime Tabata answered a few questions today:

  • The 3rd Birthday's data install feature will require 214MB of space.
  • Tabata feels the best way to play the game is with data install and output to a television.
  • Tabata reiterated that the download version of The 3rd Birthday will not include the download code for the Aya Brea costume in Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy. If you want this, you'll need to buy the UMD retail version.
  • The upcoming Jump Festa demo will have two data saves allowing for play of episode 1 (easy) and episode 2 (normal). Equipment and other areas will be different from the TGS version.
  • For an update on Final Fantasy Agito XIII, Tabata said to wait for the January event.
  • The 3rd Birthday will have an unlockable "Video Log" mode which lets you view event scenes.

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