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Tetsuya Nomura Discusses a Possible 3rd Birthday Sequel

Aya Brea creator has an idea for the direction he'd like to take.

Aya Brea is ready for an appearance on consoles.

The 3rd Birthday sees release next week. Time for some hints at a sequel? You bet!

Key members of the game's development staff have been mentioning a possible sequel for some time now. In this week's Famitsu, Aya Brea character designer and The 3rd Birthday "Creative Producer" discussed the possibility in greater depth and even hinted at a possible direction for a followup.

Asked about the possibility of a sequel, Nomura told the magazine, "We're thinking about it, but it depends on the reception of this title. It's difficult for the shooting genre to become a big hit in Japan, but through the development of this title I've come to see a direction for the next title."

"In the event that we made a next title," continued Nomura, "it would be for a console. The story this time was like an overseas drama, but next time it would maybe be like a movie version. I'd like to develop this series into something that can compete on the world stage, which is the true battle ground for the shooting genre."

By "overseas drama," Nomura is presumably referring to something like CSI or 24.

Outside of the Nomura interview, The 3rd Birthday features heavily in Famitsu this week. The magazine reviewed the game, awarding it 10, 9, 8 and 9. Reviewers praised the story, the customization options and the difficulty.

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