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Date Set for Yakuza Of the End

Zombie themed Yakuza game hits in March. Social Yakuza game planned for Winter.

An expected release time frame for Yakuza of the End.

Sega was promising a major announcement for the Yakuza series for tomorrow. It actually looks like there are two announcements. Famitsu has the scoop this week.

The big announcement (this one was totally expected) is a release date for Yakuza Of the End. The zombie-themed Yakuza game will see release on March 17 priced at ¥7,980.

The other announcement (this one is a bit of a surprise) is a social video game adaptation of the Yakuza series. This is in development for the popular GREE mobile service and will be released this Winter under the name "Yakuza Mobile for GREE" (or, going by its actual Japanese name, "Ryu ga Gotoku Mobile for GREE").

Yakuza Mobile for GREE has players raise big headed versions of characters from the Yakuza series and take on missions to recover the neon city of Kamurocho from an enemy that has overtaken it. The game has an automated battle system, with three characters in your party automatically duking it out with enemies in a 3/4 overhead view perspective. Social elements include teaming up with other players to form alliances and attempting to steal items from other players.

There will be connectivity between Yakuza Of the End and Yakuza Mobile. Certain weapons and other items that you've obtained in Yakuza Mobile will appear in Of the End. Additionally, you'll be able to unlock items in Yakuza Mobile by clearing certain conditions in Of the End. Both titles will also be able to access a "Yakuza My Room" site which will show, among other things, your progress in both games.

With Sega promising a big Yakuza series announcement for tomorrow, we can probably expect a first look at Yakuza Mobile for GREE along with an updated look at Yakuza Of the End.

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