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Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy Update

New details on Laguna, the world map system, and the latest costumes, complete with developer commentary.

Laguna, Vaan and Tifa. They're speaking English because this screenshot is from Square Enix's International offices.

Famitsu has a big spread on Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy this week, providing a more in depth look at all the recent Jump reveals, including Laguna Loire and the world map system. The magazine also got the latest character costume details and even unearthed a new stage.

Final Fantasy VIII's Laguna is described by battle director Takeo Kujiraoka as a "Tactical Gunner." Players must use of a variety of guns, making use of what Kujiraoka referred to as "tricky attacks." His style is to fight strategically, attempting to get behind his opponent for instance.

Laguna makes use of a variety of weapons for his Brave Attacks. By holding down the attack button, you can make these attacks change properties. For instance, hold down the attack button when using a machine gun and you'll get repeat fire. Hold down the button when using a shot gun, and your bullets will fire out as a bunch, leading to a more powerful attack.

Regarding the machine gun, Kujiraoka likens the control feel to a TPS (third person shooter). The gun fires automatically as you hold the attack button down, and you're free to run around with the analogue pad.

Laguna's sniper rifle looks like it will play into the tricky side of the character. Bullets from the rifle ricochet off walls. You can use this trait to aim down at the ground in order to take out enemies above you.

Both the rifle and rocket launcher allow you to freely aim with the analogue pad. The rocking launcher uses homing bullets.

When using grenades, the distance Laguna tosses the grenade is determined by the number of times you press the attack button before firing.

Laguna's HP attacks use a weapon themed around the Ragnarok ship that appeared in Final Fantasy VIII. His EX Burst move is called "Ultimate Ragnarok Canon and is based off his "Desperado" limit break from FFVIII.

Famitsu shows Laguna in two of his three costumes: his standard outfit and, as his "Another Form" outfit, army clothing from his days as a Galbadian soldier. Screenshots show Laguna getting into event scenes with a number of characters, most notably fellow FFVIIIer Squall.

Laguna is the main character reveal this week, but Famitsu also has new looks at Squall, Ultimecia, Onion Knight and Cloud of Darkness.

These characters have new attacks. Squall has "Fire Ballet," a new Brave Attack which sends multiple fire blasts chasing after the enemy. Ultimecia has Knight's Sphere, a new Brave Attack that pierces an enemy in front for her with a giant sphere. Onion Knight has a new skill called "Power Up," which increases stats such as critical, physical attack and physical defense.

The four characters' Third Form costumes are shown for the first time. Squall's is based off a Yoshitaka Amano design, making him sleeveless and somewhat wild looking. Ultimecia's third form turns her into the Sorceress Edea, also from FFVIII. Onion Knight's third form is based off his Amano illustration. Cloud of Darkness sees some coloring and design changes.

Joining the new character details, Famitsu introduces a new battle map, Final Fantasy III's Crystal Tower. According to Kujiraoka, the staff wanted to have a different type of background for this setting, so they decided to place the fight on the outside of the tower. The map is flat, but there's a giant tower in the middle. You can climb the tower to a certain extent, allowing you to see the background into the distance.

The Duodecim story mode.

Moving on to the World Map that was recently revealed in Jump, Famitsu confirms that this is the game's new story mode. It replaces the chess board-like system from the original with a full 3D map.

Screenshots make this truly look like an RPG. You can see all three characters in your party on the field. You can actually talk to these characters, potentially gaining hints.

One screen shows Lightning, Tifa and Laguna engaged in conversation, presented with RPG-like dialogue boxes. Tifa says "Just like Vaan said, I get the feeling that they're increasing."

The "they" in Tifa's comment is in reference to the "Imitation," the name for the enemies you encounter roaming about the world map. When attacked by the enemy, or when you attack the enemy, you'll be transported to a battle map for combat.

Story mode planning director Shouta Shimoda shared a few additional details on the mode with Famitsu.

Shimoda describes the mode as being greatly advanced over the story mode found in the original Dissidia. Players will be able to experience a story while exploring the world, taking in new scenarios and events.

"The setting is 'a world that once had towns,' so there are no towns," explained Shimoda. However, there will be "special" shops. These are indicated by special markers on the map.

The story mode is party based. Your party will sometimes be set in advance as part of the scenario of the current chapter. Other chapters will allow you to freely set your party. Shimoda suggested picturing something like Final Fantasy VI.

More details on Duodecim will be coming shortly. Famitsu says that a new trailer to be shown at this weekend's Jump Festa will have new info. Additionally, Famitsu will have a big staff interview in next week's issue.

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